Monday, January 30, 2012

Sculptures at the Botanic Gardens

I'm back to work tomorrow so I'm desperately trying to cram in all the things I was going to do this summer but didn't! Mum and I went to the Botanic Gardens today to see the sculptures. I particularly liked this one.

As you walk around you see the more of the second hand.

And then looks what it turns into! I love a surprise.

The other thing I was going to do in the holidays was lose weight. Well, that didn't happen. I joined the swimming pool just before they shut the indoor pool but I didn't let that stop me. Even though the outdoor pool isn't heated and we have had no summer to speak of so far. What a hero/martyr! However, I know for me that I just have to eat better and less. I've loaded DietPower on to this laptop and bought an activation key for it. DietPower is software you can use for nutritional analysis. I lost a lot of weight using it and doing Sure Slim quite a few years ago now. Unfortunately it has all crept back on.

So, I've come up with a plan. I intend to lose 10% of what I weigh now in 10 weeks. That's a term, so by Easter. Then I'm going to give myself a break over the Easter holidays. I find the routine of work makes dieting easier anyway. Then in term 2 I'm going to aim to lose 10% of what I weigh then in 10 weeks. So every term my weigh loss goal gets easier until the remainder is a manageable amount that I can lose in a term.

I've said it now - publicly! I just have to do it!!


  1. Rona, only a maths teacher could lose weight so logically. I hope it works!

  2. I hope it works too! My overall goal is too huge to contemplate. I had to break it down somehow. I must admit that a geometric series appealed to the nerd in me. :)


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