Monday, December 24, 2018

Little house quilts turned into a book

Time for my annual blog post!

Summer holidays are here and I've finally got around to doing something with my 100 day project quilts. I made 16 of them... in 2016! 

I had a lot of fun making this book. The cover is my usual rubbing, stamping and stencilling on white fabric until I've built up a good texture.

There are lots of videos out in YouTubeland on how to make a book. I've made this one with a cardboard box that was the right depth to make the spine (Mini Magnum box) and used a pamphlet stitch. Just search for pamphlet stitch if you fancy making one like this. Enjoy!

Update: I found my purple ink and script stamp. It just needed a little bit more. Spot the difference!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Gary the golfer

Fox turned one at the end of the year so I made him a doll.

Gary has a garish golfer jumper, plus-fours, Argyle socks, a Titleist cap and a pair of classic golf shoes; two tone brouges with the flappy bit and spikes.

Pattern by Abby Glassenberg 

My Mum made him a little set of golf clubs, not for playing with, just to amuse the adults! They are made from thin dowel, fimo clay and insulating tape for the handles. 
And yes, that is zombie fabric in the background. My daughter ordered it from Spoonflower along with a pink brain pattern. She reupholstered an ottoman with it. It looks really pretty until you get up close. She also quilted the brain pattern so it's really nice to touch. Hmmm, brains...