Friday, January 13, 2012

Zoo pictures - flamingoes

These little quilts are so much fun to make. This one was painted by my daughter, Becky. I think the colours are really pretty.

The original photo with white flamingoes

Becky decided that they were pink and in the water

The back of the quilt
I used a variation on Eyeballs in the border of this quilt.
Quilting detail

Mitred corners on the satin stitch
I have a basic mechanical sewing machine, the Bernina 1080. I used to have a fancy Janome embroidery machine but I like to be able to adjust the stitch width smoothly so I can do things like mitred satin stitch. Digital machines don't have small enough increments - or didn't when I bought my machine.  You can see a step in the stitch width with a digital machine. With a mechanical machine, I can turn the stitch width dial and sew at the same time. By sewing slowly and giving it a gentle tug, I can keep the edge of my stitching in a straight line as I do the mitre. Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes not. I'm very proud of the the top left corner of the first one!

I had a store owner argue with me about my need for a mechanical machine! She wanted to sell me a digital and when I explained what I wanted it for, she said that in all her years for teaching quilting, she had never had a need for such precision. Naturally, she did not make a sale! I went to Bernina where the machines are more expensive but store owner listened to me.


  1. Adorble! Love the idea of your series of quilts, love the technique and most of all love your quilting! Tried some ideas from a Gloria loughman book a couple of years ago you just inspired me to give it another go - maybe with a Rona twist!! Oops, was my resolution to finish WIPs?!

  2. Aaaaah, if we could only design our own personal sewing machine to do exactally what we wanted! Now that would be great! Your FMQ is superb =]


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