Saturday, January 7, 2012

Third bag finished

This is the third bag I've made using this collage fabric. And yet again, this one is off overseas. My sister left for the Caribbean yesterday and she was very pleased with her bag. I was happy to make it for her. I'm happy to make anything that someone appreciates!

The strap is four layers of denim with one layer of heavy interfacing so attaching it to the bag was a little tricky. I cut away two layers of denim and the interfacing and did this mock overlocking stitch. It's a line of zigzag with a line of stitching top and bottom. My machine motor couldn't cope with some of the thickness where the stitches caught any extra layers of denim. I had to hand crank the machine for most of this!

The back pocket was made to take her iPad.

Front pockets or side pockets take her Blackberry.

And I didn't forget about old-fashioned technology. Pockets for pens inside.

I just adore these feet. They make a lovely finish.


  1. Your bag is lovely! I made one for my daughter for school. Her books are so heavy that she busted out one of the bottom seams:(

  2. The bag is fantastic, I am a sucker for interesting patterns and material inside things, like jackets, pockets and bags! I love it! :)


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