Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Artists

I've shown you three little quilt paintings now. This is the painting I did of the three artists.
Left to right: Jamie, Becky and Josh
Becky painted the flamingos; my nephew, Jamie, painted the Kune Kune pig; and Josh painted the rhinos.

This is how the painting looked before quilting. I've printed out the photo with quite a light grey but it was enough to put all the detail into the faces. I really thinned down the paint with a lot of Aloe Vera gel to keep it transparent so that the detail showed through and then I've gone over areas that are shaded with a second coat of paint. No skill involved!

I wanted to leave the faces unquilted and I was going to leave the background unquilted too but by the time I did the border, the background was puffing up too much. I've quilted small leaves at the bottom since I had painted small oak-like leaves on the left side but then I made them bigger at the top, just enough to control the puff. It helped make the background recede so I think it was a lucky improvement.

The back, showing the quilting.


  1. What a great technique - don't say no skill involved, I think you're really clever! The quilting adds an extra dimension.

  2. So cool! Definitely on my to try out list...


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