Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Journal cover

Our band leader, Camille, is going home to Trinidad for three and a half months. We wanted to get her a present to thank her for all the wonderful work she does for the band. We thought she may like a journal for her poetry. I remembered seeing an idea for a cover (link here) and suggested that I made her a covered book. She's always on at me to make her a quilt!

Camille is from Trinidad and her husband is Samoan so I thought and island inspired cover would be good. My first idea was to buy a fabric with hibiscus and then embellish it. Couldn't find any hibiscus! So I painted a beach scene instead.  I thin the fabric paint with Aloe Vera gel. It's difficult to find the clear stuff but this green one works fine and doesn't tint the paint. It smells lovely too. Bonus when ironing!

I densely quilted the cover but not the flaps.

I quilted a steelpan for Camille and Samoan tapa cloth for George.

The inside flaps. The thing I liked best about this design is that the cover is removable.

I wish I had a video of this moment. She squealed! George was engrossed in his pen. He has to share the journal but we bought them a pen each.

We wish them both a relaxing time in Trinidad.

Thank you to Ms Lottie for a great project.


  1. Hi Rona. Your cover looks great - very jealous of your painting skills! Looks like I'm the only one left to try Ms Lottie's journal cover tutorial... but there is still lots of holidays left... hope you are enjoying your school holidays too? Merry Xmas, Suzanne.

  2. Wow! that looks awesome - love the pic of her opening it (and George's face!).

  3. Awesome! I'll have one with camels, sand dunes and mosque towers thanks!


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