Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Becky and Josh got married

Eggs beni for breakfast

Jessie, Issac and Josh with Melanie - waiting on Eggs Beni

Mel even went to pick up the flowers

She looked after them well

Jessie doing Becky's hair - with Mel's help

The lovely couple

Oh, look who is with them

Kiwi bride - no shoes

We had to a photo of the shoes. Josh grovelling at Becky's feet.

Aren't they great!


  1. Ha ha what a hoot. Looks like what could have been a sad situation has been made into a positive one - looks like everyone had fun, and yes, shoes are truely princesslike.

  2. I had a great time today too. I really enjoyed the eggs benedict...they were yummy! And the flowers smelled lovely but I got the sniffles being buried in them. I LOVE the shoes :) I didn't have to worry about wearing shoes...being just a head and all!!


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