Monday, December 26, 2011

Kunekune pig

LuAnn Kessi's blog is one of my favourite reads. Her quilt of her dog features on the Quilting Arts calendar. He's Mr February. LuAnn uses some lovely looking pencils and crayons to colour in black and white prints she prints on to fabric. I didn't get a set of Derwent Inktense blocks from Santa (he mustn't have got my letter) so I thought I would try it with fabric paint. So we went to the zoo, took lots of photos and then I printed them on to very expensive paper backed fabric. (I'm going to try out a cheaper option next). Then I thought, why not share the love. LuAnn does this as a workshop for cancer patients. They all seem to really enjoy it so I thought I would do it with my family on Christmas day. Beats watching the telly any day!

This is what my nephew produced. He called her Betsy.

And this was the process.
Kunekune pig at Auckland Zoo

Manipulated in FastStone and printed on fabric

Paint-by-numbers (without the numbers)
Details added with free motion quilting in black
I have some more that haven't been turned into quilts yet, including the most adorable meercat! Watch this space!


  1. How cool is that!!!!! You are so creative!!!! Never met a Maths teacher like you (as music teacher I would normally argue with them about taking kids out of their class for music practice lol). Where do you find the time to do all this?!

  2. Time? That's easy. I'm on holiday for 6-7 weeks and I don't have small children (or a husband) to look after! I think I'm lazy and I could produce more. I know I spend way too much time watching TV, doing puzzles on the net and reading. Well, reading is ok, except that I do it until 3am when I'm on holiday!


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