Monday, December 26, 2011

Messenger bag

I made my sister-in-law a messenger bag from this pattern from Quilting Arts. The flap is constructed in the same way I made the last bag; a collage of flowers and leaves on felt, then net placed on top and the whole lot quilted. I used Swirling Petals this time.

I made her a little purse (coin purse or make-up bag) to go with it. I used the same red flower fabric and this shrinking fabric on the left to make a crinkly fabric. Becky asked me how much it had shrunk. A good question and one I had wondered about too so I took some measurements. It started out as 23cm wide and went down to 17cm. As I'm relating this to her, I was about to work out the ratio... and I realised they are both prime numbers! I have to confess, I got excited about that! Oh dear, maths is turning me nutty. So it can't be simplified and the ratio is 23:17.

This is what the purse looked like finished.

Bag back showing carrying handle and large pocket

Bag front, two small pockets plus side packets and a key swivel

Now I have to make one for my sister. She's here for another couple of weeks so I have a bit more time.


  1. I have been looking for a nice messenger / laptop type bag for a while, yours looks awesome! I looked at the original pattern, any chance you could add a photo of how the inside is divided? The instructions are (as usual for bag instructions...) a bit confusing lol, your photos already help heaps!

  2. Looks fantastic Mum! I bet she loved it :) I love that you were able to geek out on your shrinking fabric...I can totally relate.

  3. Hi Monika,
    The bag is about to take off for Holland and I don't have any more pictures. However, I didn't follow the pattern for the inside. I made one pocket the width of the front with a velcro close. Also, I used a batik for the inside, not the heavier fabric as in the pattern. I reckon the close weave of a batik could stand up to the wear and it's easier to sew!

    I was confused by the instructions for the back. I had to draw it with dimensions to figure out what to do! The set in corners for the base weren't easy to do but it does make a nice bag. I hope you do try it.

    Mel, yup, I'm a geek! Lub you!


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