Sunday, January 10, 2021

100 day project 2020, altered book and Sew4thesoulbook

Here are three projects from last year.
  • An altered book - unfinished
  • My 100 day project - stalled at day 50
  • My Sew4thesoul book. 
My quilter and textile art friends will find the last one interesting. I've been following Anne Brooke's slow stitching project #sew4thesoulbook.

Some still photos.


  1. I can see a real cross-over of techniques between your different projects Rona. Good to see you are still creating.

  2. Rona you #sewforthesoul book is simply beautiful!! I have past the video and blog link to my mum who is a quilter/sewer - I am hoping she will make one... I am thinking I may have a go!
    I love it!!


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