Monday, June 17, 2019

100 Days project 2019

I started the 100 days project for 2019 on the 1st May. So far I've completed 46 pages and it's day 48. Not bad going!

My project is to make a paper doodle or collage (most are more of a doodle) using gel print paper. I'm loving my gel plate! I have lots of A4 sheets just done on copier paper as I was trying out things and learning how to print on the gel plate. I have used prints for the background and also for the doodles. My only tools are a pair of scissors, some gum glue (doesn't dry as fast as others) and a bamboo skewer. No pens, extra paint or any other embellishment.

Here is the first 40 days. Please turn the sound down so you can't hear my washing machine!