Friday, January 9, 2015


I had a play with the stencils I bought from Lisa Walton. I put Sun Dyes (also from Lisa) in spray bottles and sprayed the middle of the stencil, then turned the stencil over and printed with the excess paint. Just using two colours and the positive and negative shapes from the stencil makes interesting patterns.

That splodge of blue was a mistake. I use my outdoor glass table for these messy activities and I hadn't realised that one bit wasn't dry. When I got to that bit of the table and sprayed, the blue paint just spread under the stencil. So, after I had finished stenciling that piece, I put the stencil on top of the blue spot and left it in the sun. As you can see, the sun painting method has worked and there are lighter lines where the stencil was sitting.

The stencil at the top of the above photo is a street map of Paris. I love the spiderweb effect. I will probably chop these up and make something sort of abstract. In any case, I'm much more likely to use this fabric now it isn't a solid pale yellow!

And while I had the paint out, I had a go at an idea I had for sun painting combined with stenciling. I made this by wetting the fabric first and then applying paint under the shapes (paper and leaves) and then spraying on top. I ended up going darker than I intended and I was going to crop it but I like the edges. I have no idea what I'll do with it!

 Progress shot. The paper stayed in place just by sticking to the paint. I put pebbles on the leaves to keep them from blowing away. The thread and immature grape trusses are not sprayed/stencilled but left just to do the sun painting thing.
And the finished piece from the same angle.