About this blog

Hi. My name is Rona Keith. I made my first quilt in 1980 and have been quilting off and on since then. Even in my off times when I was busy with children, study or work, I still read about quilting and designed quilts either in my head or occasionally in a sketchbook. I love coming across some scribbles I've made about a design and remembering the process. What I want to do with this blog is document that process from the scribble in a sketchbook to the finished quilt.

The name 'Layer Upon Layer' was suggested by my talented daughter, Mel Schade. She said something very arty and impressive (that I've forgotten!) but it did make me think about my style and the things I like in quilts. I seem to make things that are hidden in layers. Take my first art quilt that I made in 2000.
 When you see the quilt in real life, the chameleon is sometimes very hard to see.  I love the reaction when someone notices the eye and then realises that there is a creature hidden in the quilt.  Then if you have a close look at the squares, there are more creatures hidden in the fabric.  In fact, one of them is the chameleon that I used in my drawing. So I have a quilt made of layers and a design that also has layers.

Then there is the quilting.  I intend to make more of the quilting in my work.  In fact, quilts that really inspire me are the ones that look great from a distance, more interesting as you get closer and then blow you away with the quilting when you see it close up. Yet another layer to play with and investigate!

Update: I started this blog in response to my daughter's blog.  She said that one of her reasons for blogging was to 'keep Mum up to date' with what was going on her life.  She went overseas four years ago for two years.  Yes, that is what I meant to say! They should have been back by now!!  I do miss her and I miss her feedback on my work.  She's the artist.  I'm just a maths teacher who would like to be an artist. (She would slap me around for saying this as she has a very egalitarian view on the title 'artist'!) I expected that my daughters (I have one good one who is still on these shores :P) would be the only readers of this blog but I have written it first and foremost as a journal of my work for me, secondly as a way of communicating with Melanie. I'm delighted to have found other readers through other websites.  I am a mum, a quilter and a teacher - and all those roles will have a place on this blog.