Monday, May 13, 2013

Our quilt show is over for another 2 years

Well, between visitors from Scotland (via Australia), the first week of term and the quilt show this weekend, it's been a busy old time!

I did finish the challenge quilt, 5 hours before the deadline I was working to but unfortunately, more than 24 hours after the deadline that I was supposed to be working to. I'll do a full photo of it at the end of the week for Amy's blogger's quilt festival. Here's a bit of the quilting in the meantime.
My 'Eyes only please' was one of three winners for the 'Don't touch the quilts' signs.
We ran a demonstration corner at the show. We were machine quilting, piecing, hand quilting and starting a new mystery quilt using needleturn applique like the clown quilt. There was some good interest on Saturday with great conversations with some ladies. Sunday was a little bit more quiet but still, some ventured on to the stage to see what we were up to. All in all, I think it was very successful and I'm game to do it again for the next show.

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