Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oscar the elephant

I was very excited to receive my copy of Abby Glassenberg's book 'Stuffed Animals'. Even though I'm on a tight deadline to get things finished for the show, I couldn't resist making an elephant. Meet Oscar.

He's made out of brown polar fleece with batik ears.

I love Abby's designs. He stands up very nicely due to clever design. And can you see his mouth? It's details like this that make all the difference.

His toenails and tail are grey felt, just because that was what I had and I was impatient to start. I had to go shopping (imagine that!) for his eyes so I tried out some different colours. Firstly, I tried the same colours as in the book, grey eyelid and orange/brown iris. Not right! So I tried the dark brown iris. Better. I also bought some green to match his ears but that didn't look right either. Then I tried a dark brown eyelid. Bingo!

This is a lovely book. So many photographs! You can almost follow the instructions by just looking at the photos. Almost, but not quite. I'm not good at slowing down and reading instructions but I was a bit confused about what to do with the mouth. I had to resort to reading and I have to say, the instructions were very clear. I should have read the instructions for inserting the ears too. I cut the slit too big. My mistake!

I love all the notes on pattern design and ideas for making the softie your own. There is so much information in the lessons and extra notes on adapting the patterns. I've got some great ideas for my next elephant.

My challenge quilt is almost done. It washed and blocked and beautifully flat - difficult considering all the bias edges when you paper foundation piece. I just have to add the binding. Also the clown is just about finished. It's been a productive school holidays. All good things come to an end though and it's back to school tomorrow.

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