Sunday, May 19, 2013

Melted wax crayon art

Our arty farty group experimented with melting wax crayons.

I tried a fairly conventional one to start with. I glued crayons to each end and then melted them, tipping it to one side then the other. What I was aiming for was a sunset. What I got was a mess! I had also added dribbles of hot glue and I didn't think about the effect that would have. It meant that the wax was restricted to the channels formed by the glue. I also didn't think what would happen when the orange and turquoise wax mixed. It made muddy brown. I fixed it by using a small iron to add more turquoise to make a sea.

The spots of orange on the sea that look like goldfish are meant to be the sun shimmering on the sea! I've also added surf using acrylic paint and a silhouette of a yacht and palm tree using a black sharpie. This is about 8" by 16".

This photo with the crayons cropped out looks not bad!

I like this one on the black canvas better. Again, I've used white acrylic to add detail. 4" x 12"

And finally, I made this little 4" x 4" painting just by holding the crayon in front of the canvas to make the tree trunk. The leaves and bird were made by heating the crayon and dabbing it on. The apples didn't really work. I heated the end and tried stamping a circle.


  1. WOW. They all look fab Rona, especially the little blackbird.
    Jean S

    1. My replies sometimes disappear! Thanks Jean. It was your suggestion.

  2. Now that's a new idea! I really like the green one - I think the technique lends itself to the abstract somewhat! I'd love to see a tutorial or more detail on how you did it.

    1. I've sent you an email but just n case anyone else wants to give this a go, search on YouTube for 'melted crayon art' to see various methods you can use to create these. Lots of idea on pinterest too.


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