Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For Melanie

My poor Mel is not feeling well and she is a long way from home so I can't give her a hug - so I'm showing her my quilting instead.

And the back. How do you like the backing fabric? I thought the circles were a nice touch. Maybe I should do a whole cloth quilt one day. I love the back of quilts.

And a note for Melanie, a casual email from your hospital bed is not going to stop me worrying. Worrying is my job! I'm sure all the mums out there would agree with me. Get well soon pet.


  1. Awww Mum! I'll be fine :)

    I LOVE the backing fabric and I LURVE (which means love even more) the grid quilting. Totally fantastic. Makes me feel happy!

    LUB! (which means the most love possible)

  2. Ważka jest prześliczna!
    Bardzo starannie zrobiona. Widać, że robiona z miłością!
    Dragonfly is cute!
    Very carefully done. You can see that done with love!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment and congratulations on being the first person (other than Melanie) to comment on my blog! Thank you for translating for me too. :)

    I've just had my weekly one hour phone call with Melanie and she has tried to convince me that she is ok. I'm not convinced but at least she has promised that she won't go into work for a week. I hope you stick to that, missy!

  4. Sooooo...does this mean I get to keep the dragonfly? It does...doesn't it!

  5. You can keep it if you come back to New Zealand. :)


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