Sunday, July 29, 2012

Modern quilting

This project ticks lots of boxes.

  • We did some stenciling and rubbing with crayons and paint sticks in my art quilt group. Homework is to do something with them.
  • I wanted to join in Leah Day's quilt along. (I may be too late but the intention was there!)
  • I wanted to explore some ideas on modern quilts for a class at the guild.
  • I bought a glass table for my new house and needed an everyday table cover. Putting things straight on to glass makes me nervous!
This was just an experiment with Shiva sticks, masking tape and rubbing plates but I liked it so much that I decided to make it the middle of my tablecloth.

Embracing the modern quilt movement - lots of white

I save net from flowers. It's fantastic for adding texture to your surface design.
I also used some net to make stencils. I cut out maple leaf shapes on some fusible web, left the paper backing on it and ironed it to the net. Stenciling through the net gave a lovely watery effect to the stencil.

A watery maple leaf 

All the left over bits were cut into wedge shapes and made into a great border.
So now I need to think about how to quilt it. Am I going to go for Leah's sampler style quilt or maybe feathers? An all over design or highlight the squares? White thread or contrast? So many decisions!!

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  1. Rona - Love your painted fabrics! And the resulting table cover/quilt. The problem with the quilting is that you could do any or all of your suggestions - they'd all look great, and it just depends what you feel like doing? You could "create" some more blocks mimicing the pieced blocks, using the quilting as an outline, thereby reducing your negative space, and choose your favourite filler for the rest.


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