Saturday, July 21, 2012

Black and White challenge

The main guild in Auckland had a challenge, 12" by 12", Black and White and One (other colour). My colour was purple.
I took the design from 'Circles of the East' by Kumiko Sudo. This one is Gentian, which I thought was very appropriate for a purple accent.

I didn't win anything. Some of the entries were fantastic and really deserved to win. I've got a new respect for the Twelve by Twelve group. It's not easy designing something so small and they get so much detail into a small quilt. One of the orange quilts is my favourite. What's yours?

I vary the stitch width to get sharp points and add interest to the line. 

I've moved again! This is my third move this year and hopefully my last for a while. I've got a sewing room now and this lovely view across my little garden and next door's garden too. Maybe I'll get time to do some sewing now. Calico Christmas/Festival of Quilts hand in date is coming up fast and I've only just started on my entry! 

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  1. I really like your piece!!!! is there a collection of all entried somewhere? Small size is challenging, I made ATCs a couple of months ago - adding pieces to sth is much easier than sticking to a particular small size! Will have to learn from you about your satinstitching.... maybe once I got the zigzag on my machine fixed properly...


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