Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 3 and 4


Beach hut
Day 3, I finally managed to see the news and Amatrice was on my mind.

I'm trying to do these mini quilts with the minimum of sketching and editing. I'm finding it difficult to quieten that critical voice in my head and just accept what I produce. It's an interesting process.


  1. Putting the process into context of a large pieced quilt - remember that so often the imperfections get lost in the bigness of it all. Working with a small, stand alone item must highlight the things that you perceive could be better. All this to say I can't see anything wrong so it must all be good. And WOW! A real HOUSE! That's great news and very timely considering your challenge!

  2. Very profound Suz!

    Yes, very excited about the real house. Did I tell you that I've moved to Tauranga. Long story but if you ever down here, come and visit.


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