Friday, February 7, 2014

Painting backgrounds

I've been painting again. This time it's a background for a challenge quilt for our guild. I have a really ugly fabric to go on top of this but I think it will look great when it's finished.

The texture on the brown bit was done by adding rock salt to the wet paint. I used pink Himalayan salt, a bit extravagant but that's all I had. I've saved it for the next project!
I used Epsom salts on the light blue bit below. The darker bit I achieved by running a sponge brush with paint and no water over the wrinkled fabric. I let that dry and then added a wash of lighter blue over the top.  I wonder what a large piece would look like using that method, or adding a wash of a different colour.  Hmmm, more experiments needed.


  1. Looking interesting as always Rona. Will have to wait and see what else is going to happen to it :0)

  2. Pink rock salt? Gasp! The extravagance!! Looks good though.

  3. I envy you your play day - must do another sometime! Letting imagination run wild sounds like fun - even the disasters!


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