Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tablecloth finally finished!

As I write this, my tablecloth is in the washing machine so technically, it isn't finished yet. This is an anxious time. Now I'm going to find out how colourfast my crayons are!
This is before the wash.
And after the wash. I swear that's a different photo. I'm really pleased with the results. So the trick is leave your crayons to cure for a year!

Well, I wrote that above about 6 months ago. Since then I've put on the binding but never finished it because my table hasn't been clear of Becky's stuff! But look at this lovely neat and tidy corner now, complete with finished tablecloth! Just as well my photos aren't 360 degrees because some of the "stuff" is behind me. (Becky, I'm down to one box and the the tray - yay!) 

 I used the same binding technique I did on the clown. You can see how to do it here. I like the little bit of blue batik showing on this binding.
And here is how it looks on the back. The stitch-in-the-ditch on the binding just shows as a straight line about quarter of an inch from the binding, depending on the width of the binding and how good your quarter inch seam is when you sew the binding on. This is my best corner that I'm showing you. In other parts my quarter inch seam was not so good! Still, it's quick and I think gives a good finish.

My original post about this quilt is here. I'm embarrassed to see that that post was 18 months ago! Maybe this is the year that I actually finish things!


  1. Hi Rona, the tablecloth looks amazing - I bet you're happy that it came out of the washing machine looking the same as it went in! Hopefully you no longer have the problem of the dead ants appearing from the ceiling :0)

    1. Ah, the ants! Yes, they've gone, thank goodness. The ant man finally got them by fumigating the roof space. I suppose to be fair on myself, one the reasons this quilt took so long is that I couldn't use my dining table anyway. For anyone wondering what on earth ants were doing falling from my ceiling, I had a big ant nest in the roof space and ants are very good housekeepers. They dispose of dead bodies down any convenient hole. The convenient hole my ants found was the light fitting above my dining room table!


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