Thursday, January 17, 2013

Timmy Dog

I really want a dog so I made one!

This pattern was designed by Abby Glassenberg. It's incredibly clever! I learned a lot about sewing accuracy, clipping and stuffing (I would do it better next time) but even given my slapdash approach, it turned out great. The darts in the underbody and shape in the pieces made even my sewing look good.

This is where the opening in the underbelly was, between the arrows. I started sewing the ladder stitch at the right hand side without reading glasses, found my glasses when I got to the join in the brown fabric and finished it with much better stitching! I should have unpicked the first bit but I didn't realise I could get it so good until I had done about half of the rest.
I enlarged the pattern from A4 to A3, so doubled. This shot gives you an idea of the size. You can also see that I've stencilled 'dog' on his head. I have used fabric paint, Derwent Inktense blocks, Fabrico pens, rubbing with crayons on net, onion bags and other stuff my flowers were wrapped in as well as stencilling with crayons. Then I've added scraps of wool tweeds and organza. It's a lot of fun to make.

Timmy Dog is curious.
Windswept model shot!

I also bought a bird made by Abby. Here's what happened when they met...
Hello! I'm Timmy Dog. What's your name?
I'm Little Birdie. I was made by your designer, Abby Glassenberg.
Nice to meet you Little Birdie. Will you be my friend?
Timmy Dog and Little Birdie in their house (aka The Bookcase).


  1. Good to see Timmy without the pins in his bum. Wow, that must have been uncomfortable. I also read/listen to your words with your accent now...

  2. Yay! I love how Timmy came out! And the fact that you posed him with my bird just makes me so unbelievably happy! Thank you and enjoy your new dog :)

  3. I see that the scrolls are being put to good use.

    1. Jean made some stencils for me with freezer paper in her cuttlebug. Thanks Jean. That's three projects I've used them on now!

  4. Love the wind-blown model shot!! Very cute, esp his name stencilled on his back.

    Lovely to meet and chat with you at the exhibition - it's so nice to put a face (and as Suz says - a voice!) to the blog. Hope we meet again soon.


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