Friday, October 12, 2012

Mixed media collage

One UFO finished!

Our art quilt group met last night and I just about finished my collage. I've got school work to do today but I was determined to get this finished - and it's done! Now I can concentrate on writing reports.

This was a fun project and used so many different materials a techniques.

The background was made by gluing paper napkins, pink tissue paper, paper doilies and text ripped from a very old large text book on to canvas. Some of it wrinkled which added a lovely texture

Then I painted it with a wash of orange and yellow acrylic paint and a few dabs of metallic gold.

I thought I made it too orange so I used the technique we learnt in our stenciling session and masked off triangles using masking tape and stenciled them with a white wax crayon.

Then I painted the music notes dandelion using acrylic paint. The white was useless and didn't have enough pigment for such small notes so I went over them with a correction fluid pen. I'd love to get some white acrylic ink like Geninne uses in her paintings.

The music was printed on fabric. I found an image of sheet music on the internet, downloaded and shrank it to a size that fitted in my design. Then I layered some of the brown paper bag 'leather' that we made in one of our earlier art group meetings with some mesh and zig-zagged the music fabric to it. There is stitching in this collage so it qualifies as an art quilt! (I think!)

The word 'easy' was made by printing out the word on paper and then cutting it and arranging it to where I wanted it. Then I drew in the cursive connections and traced it on to the back of some fusible web. I ironed that to the back of some Lutrador with a very cool iron. Guess how I discovered that you need a very cool iron! Fortunately I didn't melt the bit I was using. I then cut it out and ironed it to the canvas.
This lovely scroll was made by Jean using her cuttlebug. I glued some gold foil to it and hot glued it to the canvas. Thank you Jean and I hope you are having a great holiday in UK. By the way, Crewe is almost exactly where I thought it was. Cheshire isn't! My knowledge of the geography of England is not great, but then again, I am Scottish!

Finally I added this meander of eyelash yarn. I've attached it with 'No More Pins' glue. I may put a layer of PVA glue on top if I think it won't stay.

As I said, it was a lot of fun and the only thing I bought for the project was the canvas. So, if you have a supply of glues (I used four different types!), some paint, bits of paper, napkins, fabric and embellishment 'stuff', give this a go.

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