Monday, October 24, 2011

School holidays

School holidays are over. What have I achieved? I cleaned my house, got sick (nasty virussy thing), made this cot quilt.

I also managed to go to a quilting class with Rosemary Rush. I had to leave early and I didn't really take advantage of the learning opportunities (that's teacher-speak for 'is lazy and didn't work') but it turned out it was a 5 day virussy thing and I thought I was better but I wasn't. I hope I wasn't contagious.

Angie Simmons made a video montage of her photos from Rosemary's class. You can see it here.

I tried out a quilting pattern of Rosemary's on the cot quilt. I hope you can see it. It's a spiral with a ring of spiky triangles and it fills the space quite quickly. There are a few leaves and simple teardrop flowers in there too. This quilt only took an hour to quilt, and that includes having to refill the bobbin. I'm hoping this will inspire a few more people in our guild to give free motion quilting a go and make some cot quilts for the neonatal unit.
Just in case you were worrying, I'm going to give this a good wash before donating it to a sick baby!


  1. Fear of free motion quilting must be contagious as so many of our guild are also scared to attempt it. Hope you are feeling better, and all ready to launch yourself into Term 4. Everyone keeps telling me... it's only a short term, but I can never work out whether that's good or bad??

  2. Rona - I hope you are feeling better now. Love your little quilt - your FMQ is great.


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