Sunday, March 27, 2011

Craft Expo

It's been a crazy week. Last weekend was Craft Expo. A little disappointing! There were a lot of quilting shops and although I'm a quilter, I go to these shows hoping to see something different.

The Japanese quilt exhibition was excellent, as was the exhibition of Jocelyne Leath's work.

I made one purchase - a kit for a felted wool scarf.

I made mine very holey so I didn't use up all the kit.

And this is what I have left over. I'm going to use it to make more hearts for Christchurch.

Mum and I did a workshop at one of the few non-quilty stands. We each made a coaster and also got another one to take home. You need a set of four so it will be a race to see who is going to get them for Christmas! I reckon if I finish first then I can have dips on being the giver.  Saves having to think about buying a present!

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  1. I did have a wee dream about attending the Craft Fair - but alas did not work out. It is interesting to find that others also find them somewhat lacking at times...


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