Monday, February 14, 2011

Centipedes in my sashing

Leah Day calls this quilting design Trilobite. I think it looks more like a centipede, those really nasty ones you get in St Kitts, Scolopendra Gigantea.

Would you believe when I was looking for an image of this centipede I found out that people keep them as pets! I had one crawl across my foot once and even the little bit of venom on it's feet was enough to bring out a reaction on my skin. Why would you want to keep one?? But doesn't it look lovely as a quilting pattern in my sashing.

Updated to remove image. I just read a scary blog post about getting sued for breaching copyright. Since I can't remember where I got the image and it is highly likely that it wasn't from the original, I decided I'd be better off deleting it. Take it from me, it was a nasty big centipede and you can google it yourself if you're interested!

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